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multipolar magnets

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Product Detail: DX-2100R Multipolar Magnetic Field Distribution Tester Introduction DX-2100R multipolar magnetic field distribution tester is developed and designed by Xiamen ...   2014-04-14
Dexing Magnet Tech. Co., Ltd
The Polar Anisotropic Ferrite Ring Magnets are the magnets with multipoles in ring shape. They have become the key component of stepping motors which are widely used in computer ...   2008-09-26
Unimagnet Industry Co., Ltd
The Polar Anisotropic Ferrite Ring Magnets are the magnets with multi poles in ring shape. They have become the key component of stepping motors which are widely used in computer ...   2012-11-26
Unimagnet Industry Co., Ltd
Applicable industryMotor: a variety of small motors, DC motors, synchronous motor ... ...Electro-acoustic industry: a variety of speakers, microphones, telephones, tape recorders ....   2011-03-24
NdFeB Magnets Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnets are the most powerful magnets available today. They possess maximum energy product over 52MGOe and wonderful coercive force. As ...   2011-01-26
Natural material custom big size NdFeB magnet Product Description Material Sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnet Grade N33-N52, N35M-N50M, N35H-N46H, N35SH-N44SH, N33UH-N40UH, N30EH...   2014-06-04
Dongguan Color Can Making Technology Co., Ltd.
Magnetic Strip: Ferrite magnetic powder can be mixed with different additives, by mixing, pelleting,smelting and extruding to produce flexible magnetic strip. With the advantage of ...   2011-04-15
Zhejiang Ante Magnetic material Co., Ltd
Home > Products Show > Ferrite Magnets > Disc Ferrite Magnets > Disc Barium / Strontium Ferrite Magnet Disc Barium / Strontium Ferrite Magnet Original Image Product Name:Disc ...   2015-06-05
Xinfeng Magnet Industry Co., Ltd
: The flexible NdFeB magnet is the strongest flexible magnet in the world, which was invented at end of 2004 by Golden south and acquired national patent in 2006. The flexible ...   2011-04-12
Shenzhen Jin Que Wang Science and Technology Company Limited
This kind of magnets are widely used in synchronous motor, toy motor, sensor, electric instruments and so on. Especially, magnetic field of Anisotropic ring ferrite magnet reach ...   2011-12-01
Shandong Provincial Huayuan Electronic Co.,Ltd
Description : >Made by means of powder metallurgy >Its chemical composition: Ba/Sro-Fe2O3 .>Hard to be de-magnetized, with good anti-corrosion property. >The products are make in ...   2013-01-30
Hanfang Magnet Electron Co, . Ltd
Bonded NdFeB magnet represents one of the more important groups of magnetic materials available today. They can be tailored to suit a wide range of magnetic and physical strength, ...   2015-04-16
E&H (Ningbo) Magnetics Co.,Ltd.
We can product according to the drawing or sample of customer needs.Injection NdFeB Magnets are widely used in automobile, communication, computer, and micro-motor applications. ...   2011-07-19
Hangzhou Perfect Technology Co., Ltd.
Bipolar Multipolar Rf Machine / Instrument For Face / Neck Remodeling WHAT IS RADIO FREQUENCY BEAUTY Technically speaking, radio frequency is the number of oscillations (or waves) ...   2014-01-01
GuangZhou MLS Development Co., Ltd
Product Description Injection Neodymium Iron Boron(NdFeB) Magnets is a new composite material compounded between NdFeB magnetic particles and polymeric materials as plastic(nylon...   2012-08-30
Hangzhou Perfect Technology Co., Ltd.
Automotive Electronic Acceleration Pedal Magnet,which be used in automotive electronic acceleration pedal of assembly. Major role is to produce a gradient of magnetic field,thereby ...   2012-11-22
Hangzhou Perfect Technology Co., Ltd.
Magnetic circuit for Permanent Magnetic Couplings and Brakes With rich experiences,Hegaomagtech supplys al range of magnetic circuit for making Permanent magnetic coupling and ...   2011-03-25
Ningbo Hegao Magnetic Technology Co.,Ltd

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