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Good afternoon, I am a student of Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia. My name is Gun Gun Gumilar. We will use Weblyst D009 Resin for our esterifica...
Categories: [polymer clay prices] [acrylic polymer msds]
Products:  Resin Catalysts

IP: 15:43:47

Good afternoon, I am a student of Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia. My name is Gun Gun Gumilar. We will use Weblyst D009 Resin for our esterifica...
Categories: [imported fabric materials] [polymer cooling crystals]
Products:  Resin Catalysts

IP: 15:42:00

por favor quisiera el precio de este producto con envió por dhl o fedex a Ecuador
Categories: [rubber polymer compounding] [polymer clay clear]
Products:  Brightness , Smooth , Hardness Heat Cure Transparent Resin Casting

IP: 23:23:21

Dear Sir/Madam: Application for Industrial Training Programme I would like to express my interest to apply industrial training programme in your ...
Categories: [free polymer clay] [polymer clay fruit]

IP: 16:29:14

For the best results, we recommend including the following details: -Self introduction -Required specifications -Inquire about price/MOQ
Categories: [camping chair materials] [acrylic polymer countertops]
Products:  KAIFENG Synthetic Polymer Teeth(Acrylic Teeth) Most Sellable

IP: 01:09:02

Good morning, We are a large importe rof all kinds of bags and promotional itmes. We are currently extending our buisness activitiy and are seeking a ...
Categories: [skin whitening materials] [ms polymer adhesive]

IP: 22:05:00

we are interested in buying raw materials, for the production of liquid silicone. with hardness 20shore, 25shore, 30shore. for food and housing. send ...
Categories: [engine valve materials] [polymer ligating clips]
Products:  KY-303 High Polymer Organic Emulsion Silicone Oil Emulsion Four Components Finishing Agent for Polyester Staple Fiber

IP: 15:48:17

Hello I am the product development manager here and i may be interested in your epoxies for leds can you send me specs and can you package it in ...
Categories: [uv polymer acrylic] [acrylic polymer glue]
Products:  Anti - Peel Transparent Resin Casting For Electronic Apparatus

IP: 02:46:22

Kind attn : The Export Manager Dear Sir, One of the plant need Peroxide Semiconductive compound which is suitable for Rubber Cable . To be extruded ...
Categories: [chemical nano materials] [polymer clips medical]
Products:  Semiconductive insulation shield cable compound

IP: 16:34:37

Hi, My name is Cristian Barragan, I´m from Chihuahua, Mexico and I´m Looking for resin Compound, our target price is about $ 1 USD per kilogram. Thank ...
Categories: [polymer and detergents] [unique roofing materials]

IP: 08:59:35

Dear sir, madam. We are intrested your polyester staple fiber if you can suplyy plz contact me , Regard mr shah
Categories: [cement polymer grout] [asphalt polymer modified]
Products:  Polyester Staple Fiber

IP: 22:54:16

i would like to know if there is any distributor of your flexible epoxy resin in USA Texas Artificial Limbs lab 2900 Pershing dr. suite "D" El Paso. ...
Categories: [li polymer 3.7] [dimethyl silicone polymer]
Products:  Heat Cure Viscosity, Density Low Viscosity Flexible Epoxy Resin For Decoupage Coating

IP: 01:39:15

Hi, We are producers of printing inks & are interested in sources of hyper-dispersants, specifically Solsperse 39000, 16000, 41000, 17000. Let me know ...
Categories: [lifepo4 polymer cell] [polymer clay bracelet]
Products:  CH-10S hyperdispersants

IP: 00:24:06

Dear Sir We are looking for Poluclouth – Super Doctor blade with following specification Width – 75 mm Thickness- 1.5mm Qty required – 25 mtrs Please ...
Categories: [unique marketing materials] [acrylic polymer]
Products:  CLOUTH-AS Doctor Blade from advanced polymer material

IP: 19:12:37

We are a South African trader in raw materials. We are looking for an APAO with an open time of 15 to 20 minutes for a sprayable hotmelt adhesive ...
Categories: [polymer cement concrete] [strong lightweight materials]

IP: 20:29:41

I am a student researcher at the University of California, San Diego. We are investigating properties of polymer-related materials. We wish to order ...
Categories: [anionic polymer powder] [carbon fiber polymer]
Products:  Thermoplastic Polyimide resin Similar To Aurum

IP: 11:52:15

Dear Sir/Madam We are looking for Hawser rope The use of these ropes are for SPM application . Tensions are not measured by the users as it varies on ...
Categories: [cartoon polymer clay] [hospital building materials]
Products:  12-ply Braided Rope

IP: 16:57:45

Dear Sir/Madam, we formulate chemicals for ceramics in Italy and we buy raw materials in China. These raw materials are mixture of Water, I)norganic ...
Categories: [polymer deadend insulator] [polymer concrete]
Products:  Deformulation

IP: 01:02:41

Dear Sirs! Our company "Lugansk plant "Polymer"LTD. (Ukraine)is interested in such materails: - PVC resin (grade 65.67.58) - polypropylene - ...
Categories: [superabsorbent polymer] [polymer modified]

IP: 20:29:15

Dear Sir and/or Madame, My name is Michael Wilson with Gulf US, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Gulf Engineered Rubber and Plastics. I have an ...
Categories: [ms polymer] [emulsion polymer]
Products:  ACM Acrylic Elastomer(ACM RUBBER)

IP: 07:17:09

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